Above the Noise is a select, customized reputation elevation program designed by Andrew O'Brien. Through the program, Andrew and his highly connected and qualified The Publicity Guy team work with elite business owners to cultivate a thriving platform of fans, and scale your company and visibility to unheard-of heights.  Our team will help you leverage our proprietary “Visibility to Growth” formula to become THE most respected and recognized authority in your field or industry.

Andrew O'Brien

Founder of The Publicity Guy.
 As seen on over 70 Global Media Outlets

Erin Schultz

Previous Editor at Entrepreneur Magazine

In this exclusive environment, clients experience the ultimate level of personalized support. Within months, you'll achieve undeniable credibility and influence as we design customized execution strategies that will move your brand into the spotlight, putting you in front of hundreds of millions of potential fans, customers, and clients. Next, you'll learn how to turn that visibility into new levels of revenue and opportunity.

While others talk about theories or ideas, we focus on results... results driven by action proven to drastically increase your revenue stream.

Our “Visibility to Growth” elevation formula is founded on four key elements:

1.     Message

2.     Market

3.     Media

4.     Magnetism

Together, these elements work synergistically to:

·       Clarify a strong message that resonates with your audience and generates a feeling of connection with you and your brand – they feel trusted, supported, and understood.

·       Define multiple market segments, each corresponding to your distinct roles (e.g., author, speaker, consultant, trainer, etc.). After defining the market segments, specific message-to-market matches are created to ensue your communication content and channel reach each intended audience.

·       Identify and connect with the media influencers (writers, editors, hosts, etc.) most aligned with your subject area and message. Our clients don't have to worry about cold-calls and shotgun press releases; instead, we turn you into a trusted subject matter expert who's sought out by media to provide commentary, analysis, and insight on the latest trends in your industry.

·       Go beyond social proof. We have a proven system for turning every feature, blog mention, podcast, or interview into an automatic, recurring lead generation tool attracting both cold traffic and die-hard fans who craving for MORE – content, connection, communication – from you. And the ROI doesn't end with leads; you'll generate actual revenue from your media mentions – automatically!

In sum, we focus and hone your message so you can amplify your impact on the world, help more people, and magnify your results – for your company and for your customers.


Above the Noise is specifically intended for two groups:

1.     Entrepreneurs and business owners desiring “leading authority” status in your marketplace, separating yourself from the pack of “wannabe” businesses. The perfect Above the Noise applicant is generating a minimum of six-figures in revenue annually, and is prepared to scale their business using brand recognition and publicity.

2.     Professional service providers, such as marketing/advertising agencies, who know the power of publicity and wish to generate an additional six-figures in revenue by expanding their services to include the “Visibility to Growth” formula.

Other qualifications:

·       You must have an existing solid, healthy business. (In other words, you already have traction by way of your existing marketing initiatives, and you want to bring more qualified eyes on your existing products and services.)

·       You must view media and publicity as a strategic investment, not merely as a path to “bragging rights.”

·       Your message must already resonate with your audience. (You're looking to scale what's already working, not fix something that didn't work to begin with.) 


It's critical that you understand that the underlying goal of publicity is to grow your business and your impact on the world, not to grow your ego.

If you are an arrogant attention hound looking to massage your inferiority complex or to heal your childhood wounds, you're not a good fit. Likewise, we don't work with jerks, complainers, or fakes.

We are looking for a very select group of extraordinary business people, who are ready to be fully transparent and authentic, as others relate most readily to our flaws and failures, not to our successes. Authenticity and humility lead to engagement – with your audience, the media, and your potential customers. Plus it makes you easier to be around!


If you are ready to put your message in service of the world– whether it's health tips, financial advice, business strategies, personal empowerment, or something else – we can help you get heard, and get results.

Without a proven, strategic plan, trying to spread your message can be like shouting in the wind. We help amplify your life-changing message so the right people hear it at the right time – and then we help turn that attention into dollars in the bank.


As an Above the Noise member, you'll receive:

·       Personal “Visibility to Growth” orientation and consultation call

·       Customized execution plan

·       Live, two-day execution and implementation workshops (quarterly)

·       Live digital training and workshops (quarterly)

·       Private, invite-only Above the Noise networking opportunities

·       Exclusive access to resource vault, including our private media databases, outreach templates, etc.

·       Complimentary access to all TPG online training courses and classes – forever!

·       On-call concierge support from the TPG team


Membership decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, by application only. If you feel you'd be an excellent addition to the exclusive Above the Noise program, please access the application by clicking below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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